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Randie O'Neil
Alt Country/Indie Pop
Smooth and charming, Americana artist Randie O'Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies. For fans of Rosanne Cash, Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac.

O'Neil's storytelling comes from a sincere place. Her work as an adolescent intervention specialist brings a real-world perspective to her lyrics. Drawing on her own life story of having to survive an abusive alcoholic environment as a child, she helps students navigate a complicated world. Through her songs, she conveys a message of understanding and courage to face problems that almost all of us experience at some point in our lives.

Playing numerous live shows O’Neil has become a strong presence in the Tri-State area. She was recently honored by the New Jersey Arts and Music Songwriting Contest for her song “I’m Not That Girl."
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